Lisa Jagmohan, Author

Are you looking for something new to read?  Dive into our world and let Laura, Chris, and many of our other characters take you away for a little while.  Our reviews speak for themselves……you won’t won’t to put your book down and you’ll be eager to turn the page.  Romance, love, heartbreak, strength…….which character will be your favorite?

Laura James lost the spark in her eyes. She couldn’t remember the last time she smiled. Trapped in a marriage only she wanted, then suddenly broken and alone. Laura never thought she’d find love again, until she met a handsome stranger at the most unlikely place. When you have given up on life and love, and you’re lucky to find that second chance….can fate be cruel enough to break you and leave you alone again?

Dr. Michael Addison, ER Surgeon, compassionate and dedicated, always thinking of others first, of saving a life and moving on the help the next. Nothing was more important than his career…until the time came to save Ava…The day she turned up in his ER. He couldn’t move on…couldn’t get her out of his mind. He had to help her, find out what her story was…why she was running. He had to be a part of her life, he had to protect her, but, he fell in love instead. Then she left…the only thing she left behind was a note. Then came the truths and the heartaches and the constant search for the one that he felt he was destined to love. The games of life that we play to find out if we are truly…Soul Mates.

You can’t choose your family, only your friends. Sometimes those friends are more like family than anyone else. Sometimes people come into your life at the most inopportune time, but they come to mean the world to you. Yet one thing, one event, one relation can shatter that world that you have built. NO matter how independent you may be, someone can walk into your life and all of a sudden they become your rock. They become all you rely on. All you trust. That’s what Sam became to me…My rock, my world. I was raised to be independent. To not ask for or rely on anyone for help. I never asked for Sam’s help. I never wanted to involve him in my life. But I needed him there. I needed his strength. His assurance, his love. He gave it all to me, until he found out where I came from and what I was. I had to prove myself. I had to make him understand. I wasn’t like them. I would make him understand how much he means to me, even if it kills me.

There is a life lesson in every event, every occasion, every tragedy…..some lessons learned are harder than others. Their story makes a full circle….love is hard to find, they learned that. Second chances are a gift. Never take what you have for granted…one day you can wake up and your entire world just disappears….What then?

I’ve hurt hundreds of women…broken twice as many hearts…I can’t love another human being I’m just not programmed that way. I care, I hurt, I sympathize…but I don’t love…no woman on this planet could ever change that! I am Zander Alexion Hale, I can be the greatest friend and the most needed ally…just don’t ever expect me to be any more than that!! You’ve met Ruan in ‘Broken’, the first book in this series. It’s now time to meet Zander, the most complicated man to enter her life. He doesn’t believe in love, he won’t even try. He can’t help it, that’s how he was wired, what his past made him. He won’t ever be anything more…

Does your past ever really stay in the past? Why do things pick the most inconceivable moment to resurface, to haunt you, to destroy you…all over again? Almost a lifetime of mending the wounds and healing a torn soul…to be right back where I was before….Broken. As a woman, how much do you have to fight to survive, how many wounds do you have to cover, until you are fearless….
I’ve spent my whole life waiting for this. Knowing one day this day would come and I’d be ready. I’ve planned, strategized, I’ve worked over the details again and again until I memorized them. It’s always been my one focus, my one goal, I never saw anything else. My life haunted me, Gabby disabled me. My one true love, up and disappeared. My vengeance grew day by day, multiplied, intensified, I had nothing…nothing to live for. My live progressed on a death wish until…suddenly I loved again, I had hope again, but I was already in too deep, it was already too late. My plans were already in motion…my lifelong vendetta is about to come to an end…it’s the choice I made, the path I chose, what I’m throwing everything away for, what I know will end my life too. I’m ready for the sacrifice, to save them, ready to let her go. I’ve waited for this…to make sure they remember: Family comes first…

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